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Congratulations to the 2016 All-Stars

Posted: July 19, 2016 | Add Comment

2016 BMBL All-Star Game

Congratulations to the 2016 All-Stars across all divisions of the Boston Men's Baseball League! The 2016 All-Star game will be played at Fraser Field in Lynn on July 30 and it should be a fantastic day. Best of luck to all teams!

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Fraser Field in Lynn, MA

MABL All-Stars vs. CABL All-Stars @ 12:30pm
MABL Manager - Kyle Breidenstine, Athletics


Josh Valerio - White Sox
Jon Tosi - White Sox
Foote, Bobby - White Sox
Yunior Gonzalez - White Sox
Seth Perkins - White Sox
Mike Navarro - Spinners
Mike Knell - Spinners
Ricky Salvia - Spinners
Mike Mori - Spinners
Luc Kocher - Spinners
Matt Ferro - Giants
Brett Samboy - Giants
Jared Walsh - Giants
Tom Plumintallo - Giants
Jay Lamoureux - A's
Warren Asdornvuittikrai - A's
Nick Barton - A's
Kyle Breidenstine - A's
Rob MacDonald - Cutters
Jay Thomas - Cutters
Dan Wilson - Cutters
Aquiles Tejada - Cutters
Mike Cahill - Dodgers
Mike Cole - Dodgers
Trevor Barsamian - Dodgers
Nick Radcliffe - Red Sox
William Ferdinand - Red Sox
Thomas Lenane - Red Sox
Andre Souffrant - Orioles
Evan Derochea - Orioles


Mike Ahearn - Royals
Derek Palatino - Royals
Ryan Bowen - Royals
Ryan Ritell - Royals
Brian Maynard - Titans
Matt Boleski - Titans
Nick Bennett - Titans
Paul Grande - Titans
Robert Kimber - Giants
Joe Kasper - Giants
Chris Tully - Red Dogs
Andy Burkett - Pirates
Dave Ascoli - Pirates
Ariel Ramos - Braves
Chris DeLauchery - Braves
Tim Antonellis - Braves
Sean Perkins - Thunder
Alec Palioca - Mariners
Paul Everett - Mariners
Greg Nugent - Gators
Derek Sweeney - Indians
Vaibhav Desai - Nationals
Nick Calococci - Nationals
Gabe Hernandez - Yankees
Jose Martinez - Yankees
Will Medina - Yankees
Zach Trenteseaux - Cardinals
Anthony Tempesta - Cardinals

MSBL AL vs. NL @ 4:00pm
American Managers - Kevin Marden Sr. (Red Sox), assisted by Scotty Sack (Chiefs)
National Managers - David Lightbody (Boston Bombers), assisted by Orazio Azzarello (Somerville Senators)


Billy Rolls - Brockton A's
Doug Schofield - Brockton A's
Richard Delgado - Boston Cardinals
Harry Smith - Boston Cardinals
Dave Hescock - Winthrop Whitesox
Jay Hussey - Winthrop Whitesox
Marti Sementelli - Newton Red Sox
Brendan Huber - Newton Red Sox
Matt Coyne - Cambridge Cantabs
Joe Perna - Cambridge Cantabs
Omar Ortiz - North Shore Chiefs
Will Peterman - North Shore Chiefs
Steve Duszlack - South Shore Giants
Brad Presler - South Shore Giants
Jay Thomas - Watertown Nationals
Scott Isaacs - Watertown Nationals


Paul Laurin - North Andover Thunder
Chad Wilson - North Andover Thunder
Chris Ronzano - North Andover Thunder
Steve Busby - Waltham Braves
John Hayes - Waltham Braves
Chris Romero - Waltham Braves
Paul Larocque - Waltham Braves
Timothy Troup - Waltham Braves
Robert Austin - Waltham Braves
Dan Field - Natick Knights
John Storti - Natick Knights
Vinny Cimmino - Natick Knights
Billy Gassett - Natick Knights
Scott Stevens - Natick Knights
David Lightbody - Boston Bombers
Mike Maguire - Boston Bombers
Teddy Dziuba - Boston Bombers
Marc DesRoches - Boston Bombers
Ryan Radabaugh - Boston Bombers
JP Songin - Boston Bombers
Juan Parra - Boston Bombers
Pete Lankarge - Somerville Senators
Sal Mendonca - Somerville Senators
Billy Mottram - Somerville Senators
Mike Kalfopoulos - Somerville Senators
Steve Napier - Somerville Senators
Kevin Kelley - Somerville Senators
Mike Addesa - Somerville Senators

MetroWest All-Stars vs. Masters All-Stars @ 7:30pm
Metrowest Manager - Anthony Perry (Sudbury Royals), Kirk Russell (Sudbury Royals), Mike Powers (Sudbury Royals), Chris Currie (Framingham Orioles)
Masters Manager - Russ Ward (Metro Red Sox), Assisted by Mike Powers (Somerville Alibrandis) and Rich Iandoli (Somerville Alibrandis)


Anthony Perry - Sudbury Royals
Mike Feetham - Sudbury Royals
Chris Dion - Sudbury Royals
Juan Parra - Sudbury Royals
Scott Johnson - Northborough Cardinals
Tom Langmeyer - Northborough Cardinals
Kevin Donfield - Northborough Cardinals
Nick Rotolo - Northborough Cardinals
Chris Currie - Framingham Orioles
Brian Lindsey - Framingham Orioles
Jay Godino - Framingham Orioles
Zak Platts - Framingham Orioles
Eric DeMarco - Marlborough Twins
Matt Hamilton - Marlborough Twins
Shawn Clapp - Marlborough Twins
Eric Parent - Northborough Phillies
Tony Maglione - Northborough Phillies
Stephen Rosenlund - Northborough Phillies
Rob Corliss - Worcester Pirates
Julio Sanchez - Worcester Pirates
Heath Norris - Worcester Pirates
Tim Clark - Worcester Pirates
Donny Sepulveda - Holliston Mariners
Brian Desmarais - Holliston Mariners
Tim Foster - Holliston Mariners
Erik Shaw - Worcester White Sox
Shaun Beauregard - Worcester White Sox
Brian Pilesky - Worcester White Sox
Bear Dunn - Hudson Mets
Graham Gaudette - Hudson Mets
Al Robillard - Hudson Mets
John Ablondi - Southborough Cubs
Jeff Cashman - Southborough Cubs
Rob Birkbeck - Southborough Cubs
Chris Razza - Medway Braves
Matt Cornaro - Medway Braves
Mike Frick - Medway Braves
Juan Lara - Northborough Athletics
Richie Hudson - Northborough Athletics
Charlie Hudson - Northborough Athletics


Dave Mitrou - Somerville Alibrandis
Chris Deane - Somerville Alibrandis
Rob Stephenson - Somerville Alibrandis
Rich Iandoli - Somerville Alibrandis
Rich Winant - Somerville Alibrandis
Tony Catalano - South Shore Giants
Tim Day - South Shore Giants
Andy Lewis - South Shore Giants
Jim DeMichele - Winthrop White Sox
Zach Santomauro - Winthrop White Sox
John O'Brien - Milton Breakers
John Ioakimidis - Milton Breakers
Rich Kisiel - Milton Breakers
Yamil Concepcion - Lawrence Pirates
Bill Smeglin - Lawrence Pirates
Ryan Radabaugh - Metro Red Sox
Otis Lester - Metro Red Sox
Kamal Asar - Metro Red Sox
Mike Kalafopolous - Metro Red Sox
Russ Young - Middlesex Brew Sox
Chris Hanson - Saugus Sea Dogs
Thom Serra - Saugus Sea Dogs
Mark Mitchell - Saugus Sea Dogs

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