Winning a championship in the Boston Men's Baseball League is no small feat. A team must first endure winning the marathon of a season from April through September. They must then win the playoff sprint to the cup. Congratulations to all the fine teams who have been named BMBL Champions.

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The Dodgers won the first MABL title in 1993 en-route to winning 4 titles overall, including back-to-back in 2003 & 2004. The Yankees 3-peat from 2000-2002 or the Braves 3-peat from 1996-1998 make them the best dynasties ever. From 2005-2008, the Reds made the Finals three times, winning it all twice. Click the year below (if available) to see Championship Photo Albums from these seasons.

Year Champion (manager) Runner-Up (manager)
2019 Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo) Boston Sox (Omar Ortiz)
2018 Boston Sox (Omar Ortiz) Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo)
2017 Athletics (Kyle Breidenstine) Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo)
2016 Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo) Athletics (Kyle Breidenstine)
2015 Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo) Ben's Dream White Sox (Mike Lembo)
2014 Athletics (Kyle Breidenstine) Ben's Dream White Sox (Matt O'Hara)
2013 Ben's Dream White Sox (Matt O'Hara) Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo)
2012 Grays (Tad Beagley) Ben's Dream White Sox (Matt O'Hara)
2011 Cutters (Jeff Coveney) Grays (Tad Beagley)
2010 Bluejays (Ryan Bere) Cambridge Spinners (Joe Tufo)
2009 Cutters (Jeff Coveney) Ben's Dream White Sox (Mike Pollak)
2008 Reds (Brett Nowlin) Athletics (Kevin McGowan)
2007 Cutters (Jeff Coveney) Tigers (Dan Field)
2006 Reds (Jason Gesing) White Sox (Bill Rivers)
2005 White Sox (Brett Rudy) Reds (Jason Gesing)
2004 Dodgers (Scott Gilefsky) Yankees (Jeff Coveney)
2003 Dodgers (Scott Gilefsky) Royals (Bill Rivers)
2002 Yankees (Jeff Coveney) Cardinals (Scott Singelais)
2001 Yankees (Jeff Coveney) Rockies (Brian Cooper)
2000 Yankees (Jeff Coveney) Pirates (Eric August)
1999 Cubs (Shane Steffens) Pirates (Eric August)
1998 Braves (Paul Schneider) Yankees (Mike Ganley)
1997 Braves (Paul Schneider) Yankees (Henry Tapia)
1996 Braves (Paul Schneider) Dodgers (Scott Gilefsky)
1995 Dodgers (Scott Gilefsky) Red Sox (Kevin Moran)
1994 Red Sox (Kevin Moran) White Sox (Kevin Conroy)
1993 Dodgers (manager unknown) Phillies (Steve Pinner)


As of 2016, the Newton Red Sox' (AL) franchise has a total of 8 championship titles, including two 3-peat performances (2005-2007, 2013-2015), the only franchise in BMBL history to achieve that accolade.

Year Champion Runner-Up
2019 South Shore Spartans Boston Bombers
2018 South Shore Spartans Boston Cardinals
2017 South Shore Spartans Boston Cardinals
2016 Newton Red Sox (American)
Boston Bombers (National)
Boston Cardinals (American)
Waltham Braves (National)
2015 Newton Red Sox (American)
Boston Bombers (National)
South Shore Giants (American)
Somerville Senators (National)
2014 Newton Red Sox (American)
Braintree Braves (National)
Winchester Chiefs (American)
JM Force of Hyde Park (National)
2013 Newton Red Sox (American)
JM Force of Hyde Park (National)
Brockton Athletics (American)
Boston Bombers (National)
2012 JM Force of Hyde Park (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
Middlesex Brewers (American)
Natick Knights (National)
2011 Milton Breakers (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
North Shore Vipers(American)
Waltham Red Sox (National)
2010 Newton Red Sox (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
Middlesex Brewers (American)
Lexington Blue Sox (National)
2009 Milton Breakers (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
Newton Red Sox (American)
Somerville Senators (National)
2008 Milton Breakers (American)
Waltham Red Sox (National)
Roxbury Panthers (American)
Natick Knights (National)
2007 Newton Red Sox (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
Milton Breakers (American)
Natick Knights (National)
2006 Newton Red Sox (American)
Medford Mets (National)
Roxbury Panthers (Federal)
Trum Cubs (American)
Somerville Senators (National)
Boston Braves (Federal)
2005 Newton Red Sox (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
North Reading Vipers (American)
Billerica Storm (National)
2004 Revere Lugnuts (American)
East Bridgewater Blue Jays (National)
North Andover Thunder (American)
Scituate Tides (National)
2003 North Reading Vipers (American)
Somerville Senators (National)
Boston Mets (American)
Newton Red Sox (National)
2002 Brockton Indians (Booth)
Newton Red Sox (Perry)
North Andover Thunder (Norman)
Somerville Senators (Booth)
Hyde Park Devil Rays (Perry)
Brockton Athletics (Norman)
2001 Brockton Indians (Booth)
Wellesley Monarchs (Perry)
Boston Mets (Diamond)
Somerville Senators (Booth)
South Shore Rangers (Perry)
Brockton Athletics (Diamond)
2000 Duxbury Mets (Booth)
Quincy Devil Rays (Perry)
Bridgewater Dodgers (Booth)
South Shore Rangers (Perry)
1999 Wayland White Sox (co-champs)
Brockton Indians (co-champs)

1998 Duxbury Cardinals (National) Acton Orioles (American)
1997 Somerville Red Sox (American) Hyde Park Royals (National)
1996 Acton Orioles (Atlantic)
Duxbury Cardinals II (Bay State)
Scituate Twins (Metro)
Boston Yankees (Atlantic)
Wellesley Monarchs (Bay State)
Bridgewater Dodgers (Metro)
1995 North Shore Reds (Atlantic)
Duxbury Twins (Bay State)
Duxbury Cardinals (Metro)
n/a (Atlantic)
n/a (Bay State)
Scituate Twins (Metro)
1994 North Shore Reds (Atlantic)
Stoughton Blue Jays (Bay State)
Scituate Twins (Metro)
Arlington Pirates (Atlantic)
East Boston Braves (Bay State)
Brockton A's (Metro)
1993 North Shore Reds (Bay State)
Scituate Twins (Metro)
n/a (Bay State)
Bridgewater Dodgers (Metro)
1992 Woburn Braves (Atlantic) South Shore Rangers (Metro)
1991 Woburn Braves (Atlantic)
Waltham Orioles (Metro)
n/a (Atlantic)
Framingham Giants (Metro)
1990 Stoneham Mariners (Atlantic)
Jamaica Plan Red Sox (Metro)
Boston Yankees (Atlantic)
n/a (Metro)
1989 Medford Mets Hyde Park Red Sox
1988 Boston Yankees Quincy Cardinals


Year Champion Runner-Up
2019 Northborough Cardinals Framingham Orioles
2018 Metrowest Royals Northborough Phillies
2017 Framingham Orioles Hudson Mets
2016 Sudbury Royals Hudson Mets
2015 Hudson Mets Sudbury Royals


As of 2018, the Metro Red Sox franchise has a total of 10 championship titles, currently the most titles won by a franchise in BMBL history.

Year Champion Runner-Up
2019 Bistro 781 Bulls Metro Red Sox
2018 Metro Red Sox Milton Breakers
2017 Metro Red Sox Saugus Sea Dogs
2016 Somerville Alibrandis Lawrence Pirates
2015 Metro Red Sox Waltham Braves
2014 Metro Red Sox Waltham Braves
2013 Winchester Chiefs Metro Red Sox
2012 Metro Red Sox Waltham Braves
2011 Acton Orioles Waltham Braves
2010 Metro Red Sox Waltham Braves
2009 Metro Red Sox Acton Orioles
2008 Metro Red Sox Brockton Blue Jays
2007 Metro Red Sox Duxbury Blue Jays
2006 Brockton Athletics Duxbury Blue Jays
2005 Metro Red Sox Brockton Blue Jays
2004 Acton Orioles Duxbury Twins
2003 Brockton Athletics Duxbury Twins
2002 Duxbury Twins Homestead Gray Sox
2001 Hyde Park Braves Duxbury Twins
2000 Duxbury Cardinals Hyde Park Braves
1999 Brockton Athletics Duxbury Cardinals