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Your 2015 BMBL All-Stars...

Posted: July 20, 2015 | Add Comment

Congratulations to the 2015 All-Stars across all divisions of the Boston Men's Baseball League. The game will be played at LaLacheur Park, home of the Lowell Spinners and it should be a fantastic day. All rosters will be updated here as soon as they are finalized by the All-Star managers. Best of luck to all players!

Saturday, August 1, 2015
LaLacheur Park in Lowell, MA

MABL Atlantic vs. Bay State @ 11am (warm-ups at 10am)
Atlantic Manager - Kyle Breidenstine, Athletics
Bay State Manager - Joe Tufo, Spinners

Kyle Breidenstine, Athletics
Jason Kurtz, Athletics
Nick Barton, Athletics
Brett O'Keefe, Athletics
Tom McIntyre, Athletics
Pat Vetter, Athletics
Justin Real, White Sox
Alex Weldon, White Sox
Omar Ortiz, White Sox
Beau Janousek, White Sox
Moises Maza, White Sox
Mike Lembo, White Sox
Tyler Ferdinand, Red Sox
Tom Lenane, Red Sox
Craig Persechini, Red Sox
Nick Radcliffe, Red Sox
Evan Chand, Red Sox
Myles Comeau, Orioles
Jose De Los Santos, Orioles
Leo Romero, Orioles
Evan Derochea, Orioles
Oliver Victoria, Orioles
Jay Thomas, Cutters
Rob Linn, Cutters
Steve Walsh, Cutters
Chris Hawkins, Cutters
Jeff Coveney, Cutters
Chris Dicecca, Cutters

Victor Jorge, Padres
Victor Ruiz, Padres
Julio Gonzalez, Padres
Luis Valdez, Padres
Kenny Polanco, Padres
Yeysson Frias, Padres
Bill Riggieri, Grays
Tom Plumitallo, Grays
Dan Blum, Spinners
Luc Kocher, Spinners
Mike Knell, Spinners
Isaac Valdiviezo, Spinners
Ricky Salvia, Spinners
Mikey Mori, Spinners
Bobby Maccioli, Spinners
Jeff Hall, Dodgers
Mike Cole, Dodgers
Alex Ahmed, Dodgers
Rudy Hersh, Dodgers
Drew Cumming, Dodgers
Trevor Barsamian, Dodgers
Dave Dow, Dodgers
Jake Perkins, Reds
Jason Baldeck, Reds

MSBL AL vs. NL @ 3pm (warm-ups at 2pm)
American Managers - Kevin Marden Sr. (Red Sox), assisted by Scotty Sack (Chiefs)
National Managers - Johnny Hayes (Braintree Braves), assisted by Jose Aquino (JM Force Hyde Park)

Rich Diaz, Cardinals
Aaron Hough, Cardinals
Joe Claudio, Athletics
Doug Schofield, Athletics
Angel Claudio, Athletics
Bill Rolls, Athletics
Carlos Osorio, White Sox
Jay Hussey, White Sox
Pete Donohue, Breakers
John O'Brien, Breakers
Steve Joseph, Giants
Matt McMillan, Giants
Dave Joseph, Giants
Robert Anderson, Red Sox
Robert Boermeester, Red Sox
Will Peterman, Chiefs
Santiago Pena, Chiefs
Minsoo Kim, Chiefs
Jay Thomas, Nationals
Steve Baldassari, Nationals

Dave Lightbody, Bombers
Ryan Radabaugh, Bombers
Marc Desroches, Bombers
Mike Maguire, Bombers
Teddy Dzubia, Bombers
Ezequiel Roman, JM Force
Jose Toledano, JM Force
Juan Vallee, JM Force
Darwin Hernandez, JM Force
Paul Rousseau, Somerville
Kevin McGlinchy, Somerville
Kevin Kelley, Somerville
Mike McCarthy, Somerville
Scott Stevens, Natick
Mike Byrne, Natick
Mike Miceli, Natick
Ben Speckhard, North Andover
Dana Levensaler, Waltham
Joe Perna, Cambridge
Corey Aldouplous, Cambridge
Steve Busby, Braintree
John Jones, Braintree
Steve Hueston, Braintree
Tim Hart, Braintree
Chris Romero, Braintree
Bobby Austin, Braintree

MetroWest All-Stars vs. Masters All-Stars @ 7pm (warm-ups at 6pm)
Metrowest Manager - Chris Currie (Orioles), assisted by Mike Powers (Royals)
Masters Manager - Russ Ward (Red Sox), assisted by Mike Powers (Somerville)

Chris Currie, Orioles
Kevin Allegrezza, Orioles
Al Dayhoff, Orioles
Corey Beck, Red Sox
Mike Belanger, Red Sox
Steve Saraceno, Red Sox
Brian Bemis, Athletics
Richie Hudson, Athletics
Charlie Hudson, Athletics
Pete Lankarge, Royals
Mike Feetham, Royals
Richard Dumas, Royals
Juan Parra, Royals
Bear Dunn, Mets
Marc Exarhopoulos, Mets
Al Robillard, Mets
Jon Ablondi, Cubs
Tom Barnes, Cubs
Brad Adams, Cubs
Tom Langmeyer, Cardinals
Jeremy Ames, Cardinals
Scott Johnson, Cardinals
Mike Pietila, Braves
Ed Shliapa, Braves
Mike Harmon, Braves
Donny Sepulveda, Mariners
Shaun Beauregard, White Sox
Phil Barrientos, White Sox
Brian Coleman, White Sox
Erik DiGuilio, Phillies
Joe Delaney, Phillies
Mike Escolas, Phillies
Matt Hamilton, Indians
Michael Giordano, Indians
Chad Notaro, Indians

Richie Diaz, Lawrence
Darwin Hernandez, Lawrence
Frasis Fernandez, Lawrence
Ryan Radabough, Red Sox
Sam Stead, Red Sox
Steve Busby, Red Sox
Russ Ward, Red Sox
Steve Hueston, Red Sox
Brett Rudy, Brewers
Owen Carlson, Brewers
Robert Moschella, Brewers
Rich Kisiel, Brewers
Chris Hanson, Saugus
George O'Connor, Saugus
Joe Rizzo, Saugus
Chris Deane, Somerville
David Mitrou, Somerville
Brian Lindsey, Somerville
Tony Catalano, Giants
Peter DeMarco, Giants
Kevin O'Leary, Giants
Vic Aranda, Waltham
Barry Foster, Waltham
Franz Strassman, Waltham
Rusty Young, Waltham
Dave Hescock, White Sox
Jim DeMichele, White Sox
John MaGee, White Sox

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