Tuesday, April 29, 2008
The Orioles and Mariners squared off on Opening Day this past Sunday, with Bryan Healey of the Orioles taking the hill against EJ Freni. The Orioles would jump out to an early lead with 6 runs in...  (More...)
Friday, April 18, 2008
The schedule for the 2008 BMBL season has been posted, and opening day for the Boston Orioles is only nearly two weeks away. The first game is scheduled against the Boston Mariners on Sunday, April...  (More...)
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The Boston Orioles Welcome You!
The Boston Orioles, managed by Jason Bressner, have been a member of the Boston Mens Baseball League, the largest amateur league in all of New England, since the 2001 season!

The 2008 season is about to begin, and the Orioles are excited to have the majority of their playoff-calibur 2007 team returning to compete for a championship in the 2008 campaign! Come on down and watch the boys in orange fight to avenge their early 2007 playoff loss!