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The Men's Senior Baseball League provides its local affiliates ample opportunity to participate in tournament play. These tourneys are held at some of the finest locations in the world, including Major League Baseball Spring Training training facilities in Arizona and Florida, Walt Disney World, Las Vegas, The Caribbean and the fields of the Cape Cod League -- just to name a few. All players in the BMBL are welcomed to participate. Provided is merely a sampling of recent participation.

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MSBL national tournaments host a total of more than 650 teams a year, making them the largest amateur baseball tournaments in the world. These tourneys are in Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona. The Boston Men's Baseball League is always well represented.

Disney Holiday Classic, Orlando, FL (est. 2000)
Held each January over MLK Weekend

Holiday Classic

The Disney Holiday Classic is played at Walt Disney's Wide World of Sports, the Spring Training complex of the Atlanta Braves. There are usually four age divisions of play: 18+ and 25+ metal bat and 35+ and 45+ wood bat.

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this tournament include:

  • 2009: Boston Wolfpack (5-0) defeated the San Antonio Bombers, 14-1 to win the 45+ Championship, Boston Cutters (2-1), Boston Braves (1-3), and Natick Knights (1-2) did not make the playoffs.
  • 2008: Boston Wolfpack (5-0) defeated the S. Jersey Philles, 5-0 to win the 45+ Championship, Boston Cutters (5-0) defeated the St. Pete Blue Jays, 16-4 to win the 18+ Championship, Boston Braves (1-3), and Natick Knights (1-2) did not make the playoffs.
  • 2007: Boston Wolfpack, Boston Braves, Boston Cutters, Natick Knights.
  • 2006: Boston Wolfpack, Boston Braves.
  • 2005: Boston Wolfpack, Boston Clippers.
  • 2004: Boston Wolfpack, Boston Cubs, Boston Tribe.
  • 2003: Boston Wolfpack defeated Jacksonville, 9-5, to win the Championship. The New England Stars also participated.
  • 2002: Boston Wolfpack lost to Boca, 8-3, in the Finals. The Long Rhode Stars and New England Top Hats also competed.
  • 2001: Boston Wolfpack defeats the Charlestown Yankees, 14-7, to win the 38+ Championship. The Boston United also participated.
  • 2000: Boston Royals.

Boston Cutters
Cutters accept 2008 Championship trophy.
John Collins
John Collins slides in safely.

Desert Classic, Palm Springs, CA (est. 2004)
Held each January

Desert Classic

This MSBL National tournament is open to five age divisions: 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+ and 55+. No Boston team has opted to participate in this tourney through 2006.

Kickoff Classic, Las Vegas, NV
Held each March

Las Vegas Kickoff

In 2007, A scrappy Wolfpack Team made up of many new faces scratched and clawed their way to another Championship Game only to lose a heart breaker to the Southern California Angels by a score of 10-8. The 'Pack went 3-1 in Pool Play and then beat the Atlanta Giants in the quarters behind Rich Erwin and the Twin Cities Crosstown Traffic in the Semis behind Franz Strassman. After jumping to a 6-0 in the Finals versus the Angels, Boston could not stop the bleeding and left one win short of their goal once again.

About 100 teams participated in 2006. This tourney is open to the following five age divisions: 18+, 35+ and 55+ wood bat, as well as 25+ and 45+ metal bat.

In 2005, the Boston Bears battled at the MSBL Kick Off Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada. In typical Vegas-style, it was all 7's and 11's, as they won 11-3 versus the Northern Colorado Mets and 11-6 versus the Northern Colorado Angels, but lost 11-4 to the DC Rattlers and 7-4 to the Lakeland Crew. A decent roll of the dice overall.

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2009: Boston Wolfpack (runner-up in 45+ Championship over Team Victory, 5-4.)
  • 2008: Boston Wolfpack (wins 45+ Championship over San Diego Stars, 14-6.)
  • 2007: Boston Wolfpack (runner-up in 45+ Championship over So. Cal Angels, 10-8.)
  • 2005: Boston Bears
  • 2001: Boston Turf Dogs

Boston Bears - Duke
The Duke tosses heat in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Open, Las Vegas, NV
Held each May over Memorial Weekend

Las Vegas Open

The Las Vegas Open is open to five age divisions: 18+ and 25+ (wood and metal conferences), as well as 35+, 45+ and 55+ (wood bat). Approximately 60 teams participate in this round-robin tournament.

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2008: Boston Wolfpack (wins 45+ Championship over Team Victory, 6-4.)
  • 2007: Boston Wolfpack (runner-up in 45+ Championship to Aqua Dulce Reds, 15-6.)
  • 2006: Boston Wolfpack (runner-up in 38+ Championship to La Matanzas, 15-3.)
  • 2005: Boston Wolfpack (lost in 38+ semi finals to Team USA 13-6.)
  • 2004: Boston Wolfpack (lost in 38+ semi finals to Tri Valley 40's 9-8.)
  • 2003: Boston Wolfpack (lost in 38+ semi finals to Sacramento Rivercasts 5-4.)

2006 Boston Wolfpack in Las Vegas

MSBL World Series, Phoenix, AZ (est. 1989)
Held each October

More than 400 teams from across the globe play in the MSBL/MABL World Series in Phoenix, Arizona -- the largest amateur baseball event in the world. Age divisions are 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ and 65+. There are both wood bat and aluminum bat divisions, as well as a Father/Son division.

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

2005 Boston Cutters, led by Coach Coyle
Eddie Barber
Eddie Bardber pitches for Boston Dirt Dogs.

MSBL Fall Classic, St. Petersburg, FL (est. 1991)
Held each November

The Fall Classic is open to the following age divisions: 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+, 52+ and Father/Son. There are both wood bat and metal bat conferences.

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2006: New Hampshire Patriots
  • 2001: New England Pride


There are dozens of regional tournaments held throughout the country over the course of the year. It is easiest for Boston teams to attend those tourneys that are local within Massachusetts, and they typically have our largest attendance -- especially since we have a hand in running many of them. However, Boston teams routinely head out of state to Puerto Rico, Arizona, Florida, New York, Vermont and Maine to participate in regional or non-MSBL affiliated tournaments.

Cape Cod Classic, Cape Cod, MA (est. 1995)

Cape Cod Classic

Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2006: Club Franz captured the title, beating the Situate Tide, 3-0, in 11 innings. Other BMBL teams include: Waltham Red Sox, Lexington Astros, Framingham Orioles, and Middlesex Thunder.
  • 2005: Middlesex Thunder captured the title, beating Club Franz, 9-3. Other BMBL teams include: Waltham Red Sox, South Shore Tides and the Lexington Astros.
  • 2004: Middlesex Thunder win title beating the Mashpee Knights 6-4 at beautiful Whitehouse Field in Harwich. Other BMBL teams incude: Rhode Island Salts, Worcester Stars and Lexington Astro-Sox, and Duxbury Twins.
  • 2003: Middlesex Thunder win title with a 1-0 win over the Worcester Stars at Chatham Field, home of the Chatham Athletics. From the BMBL, the Duxbury Twins and Lexington Astros/Newton Red Sox also played.

2004 Middlesex Thunder Champions


Caribbean Winter Baseball Championship, San Juan, Puerto Rico (est. 1995)

Caribbean Championship

In 2005, the 10th Annual MSBL Caribbean Winter Baseball Championship was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico where the New England Bandits posted a 5-2 overall record. The Bandits went 4-1 in pool play, beating 2 teams from Puerto Rico. In the Quarterfinals, the Bandits knocked off last year's champion Puerto Rico Seniors 6-5 before losing to the champion Daytona Beach in the Semifinals. Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2009: New England Bandits, Rhode Island Cardinals.
  • 2008: New England Bandits, Rhode Island Cardinals.
  • 2007: New England Bandits, Rhode Island Cardinals.
  • 2006:
  • 2005: New England Bandits.
  • 2004: Boston Clippers, New England Bandits, Boston Cardinals.
  • 2003: Brockton Athletics defeated Puerto Rico for the title, 21-9. The New England Bandits also competed.
  • 2002: New England Bandits.
  • 2001: Boston Bandits.
2005 New England Bandits
2005 New England Bandits Led by Dickie Pacino

A's Richie Figueroa, Franz Strassman, Dave Valdanbrini, James King, and Tony Catalano

Central Mass Tourney, Leominster, MA

Boston Wolfpack defeated Leominster Diamondbacks for 2006 Championship. The Quincy Grays and Duxbury Blue Jays also competed from the BMBL.

Cooperstown Classic, Cooperstown, NY (est. 2004)

2004 Cooperstown Classic

This tournament began with 6 teams in 2004 and the MABL Marlins winning the Cup. The tourney expanded to 9 teams in 2005 with the MIBL Brockton Reds winning in back-to-back years. Games are played at Doubleday Field at the Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as at Beaver Valley an Windsor Park in Cooperstown. More info on the Cooperstown Tourney.

2006 Champion Brockton Reds
Terry Belli
Terry Belli of Brewers at Doubleday

Down East Classic, South Portland, ME (est. 1998)

Downeast Classic

Each Fourth of July weekend, the Southern Maine Men's Baseball League hosts the Annual Down East Wood Bat Tournament. Some of the Boston teams who have participated in this event include:

  • 2006: The Middlesex Thunder win 38+ title over the Maine Diamond Dogs, 8-2. The North Andover Thunder competed in the 28+ division and lost in the semifinals to the Rhode Island Riptide, 4-0.
  • 2005: The Middlesex Thunder went 3-0 in pool play, but lost to the Maine Diamond Dogs in Semi finals. The Acton Orioles went 1-2 and did not make the playoffs.
  • 2004: The Middlesex Thunder won the 38+ Division Championship beating the Maine Diamond Dogs in the Finals 14-2. The North Andover Thunder, Acton Orioles and New England Mutts also competed.
  • 2003: Middlesex Thunder, Brockton A's, North Andover Thunder.
  • 2002: North Andover Thunder, Middlesex Thunder, Acton Orioles.
  • 2001: Cleveland Circle Indians, New England Bandits, Acton Orioles, Boston Wolfpack.
2006 Middlesex Thunder
2006 Middlesex Thunder win title.

Alex Masel accepts 2004 Trophy
Russ Ward
Russ Ward named 2004 MVP

East Bridgewater Tournament, East Bridgewater, MA (est. 1997-2002)

  • 2002: Rained out.
  • 2001: Rhode Island Stars win title over the Cleveland Circle Indians. The Boston Dirt Dogs and Quincy Devil Rays also competed.
  • 2000: Rhode Island Stars win title. Also competing from the BMBL are the Cleveland Circle Indians, Boston Dirt Dogs, Quincy Devil Rays and the Boston United.

Fall River Baseball Tournament, Fall River, MA

In the 2002 Fall River Baseball Tournament (SMBL), the Boston MABL squad finished 3rd overall, finishing with a record of 4-3. Six MABL teams were represented on the roster, including the Royals, Braves, Reds, Red Sox, Marlins and Dodgers.

Green Mountain Baseball Tournament, Burlington, VT

In 2004, the Newton Red Sox were defeated by South Burlington in the finals by a score of 5-2 (wrapping up with a 4-1 record overall). The Boston Bean Bags lost in the semifinals to Newton, but finished 3-1 overall. The Boston Indians finished 2-1 overall, but did not advance to the playoff round.

Marcus Chimber Tourney, Brockton, MA (est. 2006)

Marcus Chimber

The tourney was hosted by the MIBL to raise funds for Marcus Chimbur, a 9-year old boy from Brockton who was diagnosed with Leukemia on the day before he was to play in his first all-star game.

The MABL Boston Commons finished 1-1 in pool play, just sneaking into the playoff round. The Commons then advanced to the semifinals where they defeated Brockton Legion Post 35, 7-3, before getting crushed by the MIBL A Squad in the Finals, 12-3. See Marcus Chimbur tourney pictures, scores and roster.

Alan Donaruma of the Hurricanes was named the MABL MVP for tossing a complete game shutout and smacking a 3-run homerun the next game. In the Homerun Derby, Kevin Beliveau of the Dodgers and Kevin Bell of the Orioles each went yard -- Bell's off Red Sox legend Oil Can Boyd.

Alan Donaruma
Alan Donaruma tags 3-run HR.
Kevin Beliveau, Kevin Bell, Oil Can Boyd
Beliveau, Bell & Oil Can Boyd.

Mass Open, Boston, MA (est. 2002)

Mass Open

2002 marked the only year for the Mass Open, a Boston Baseball League tournament where teams from the MABL and MSBL battled each other for bragging rights. Plus, as a pre-season tournament, it gave all participating teams an opportunity to prepare for the regular season. Each team played 3 games of round-robin over 2 weekends. View Mass Open Results.

NABA World Series, Phoenix, AZ

2006 NABA Arizona

In 2006, the Boston Rockies finished 3-2 in pool play at the National Adult Baseball Association World Series in Arizona to advance to the playoffs. After a quarterfinals win over Tricity, 6-5, the Rockies lost in the semifinals, 9-5, to the Newport Beach Storm. The Rockies roster contained 8 current and 8 former BMBL players.

N.I.T. Tournament, Boston, MA

The NIT was founded in 2001 by Mets skipper Brian Fodera as the tournament of 8 non-playoff teams. The Red Sox won the tourney with an 11-0 romping over the Diamondbacks. Corey Aldoupolis pitched 6 shutout innings. Dan Williams closed the game out by hitting two and striking out three to preserve the shut out. See all the 2001 NIT teams and scores.

Roy Hobbs World Series, Ft. Myers, FL

Roy Hobbs

Many from the Boston Men's Baseball League competed in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Fort Myers, Florida.

  • The Massachusetts Chiefs won the 48+ AAA Division. BMBL players included Steve Eddy, Randy Sabino, Rollie Hill and Dave Valdanbrini.
  • The Boston Braves advanced to the 38+ AA Division playoffs, but lost in the first round. Greg Davis was named Braves' MVP.